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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Why haven’t my classes been activated by my teacher?
A.  Students and parents must complete a welcome call with each teacher BEFORE you will be activated in your classes.

Q.  How do I know how many assignments are due each week?
A.  Each teacher will provide you a pace chart.  Do not follow the pace chart that is listed in the course information section.  Stay on pace – you can work ahead, but do not fall behind.

Q.  What if I am sick or traveling and will not be able to log in today?
A.  Let your teacher know.  You will have to make up that work in order to stay on pace.  The important thing is to maintain communication with your teachers

Q.  I did poorly on an assignment.  Can I resubmit the assignment?
A.  Yes, you can resubmit assignments up to 3 times.   You can only resubmit an assignment only while you are working within the current  module.)

Q.  What will happen if I don’t stay on pace?
A.  Your teacher will notify your parents and administration.  HVS is a choice school.  Students not meeting learning commitment may be at risk for withdrawal from our program.

Q.  How much time will I need to spend on my classes?
A.  You can expect to be working at least 1 hour per day/per class.  You may spend a little more or a little less time, depending on the class.  The key is staying on pace.

Q.  What is a DBA?
A.  A Discussion Based Assessment (DBA) is required for each module.  It is a conversation between the teacher and student discussing the module lessons. This allows the teacher to determine if the student has mastered the content and is ready to complete the exam.