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Working with your Assistant Principal at your physical school, students are able to replace an in-class subject with an online class or choose to take all core subjects online and “specials—PE, Art & Music” at your zoned school. Due to the specific policies and schedule constraints that vary from school to school, it is important for families to talk with their Assistant Principal when researching this option.
Who is eligible to take a co-enrolled virtual course?

Any K-5 student can take a class with Hillsborough Virtual School.

Can a student take a class above and beyond their school day?

No, students can only take a course in place of a subject offered in their school day.

Is virtual co-enrollment a good option for my student?
  • Can your student work independently? Students taking courses at school will be expected to navigate their courses on their own.  Classroom teachers are not expected to assist a virtual student with their curriculum.
  • Is your student organized?  Students are required to stay on pace or risk withdrawal from the program.